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Domino Roofing in Bentonville provides superior quality commercial roofing services. We understand that the success of your business includes a well-functioning, secure rooftop, and our team is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive repairs, installations and maintenance services for commercial buildings. Our experienced installers are trained in safety protocols, highly qualified and insured to ensure a successful job every time.

We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. We match you with an expert roofer who will come out quickly to assess any damage or necessary replacements or upgrades so that your building can stay safe from weather damage as soon as possible. We stand behind our workmanship with thorough inspections upon completion of each project – don’t wait until it’s too late! Schedule an inspection now with Domino Roofing in Bentonville today!

Commercial Roofing Services We Offer

From large-scale to small-scale projects, we strive to offer a number of commercial roofing services to keep our customers happy, including:

Commercial Roof Replacement & Installation

Domino Roofing provides superior commercial roof replacement and installation services for businesses in Bentonville. Our team of experts specializes in a wide variety of commercial roofing systems. We use only the finest materials available to ensure quality craftsmanship every time. With years of experience in the industry, you can trust our work is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Domino Roofing works quickly while maintaining attention to detail so your business can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Domino Roofing provides superior service in commercial maintenance throughout Bentonville and the surrounding area. Our team of certified technicians are equipped to handle any job, no matter how big or small. We offer highly competitive pricing on all maintenance packages, providing you with quality assurance at an unbeatable cost. With years of industry experience, Domino Roofing is your go-to source for reliable roof maintenance solutions.

Commercial Roof Repair

Domino Roofing is a highly experienced roof repair team with access to the finest materials and services. We are committed to delivering quality service in Bentonville on each and every job. Our staff ensures all of our clients receive personalized attention from start to finish. Our expertise covers simple repairs, as well as entire reconstructions due to damage or deterioration caused by time and weather conditions. We provide reliable solutions for any commercial roofing project you may have. With extensive knowledge of both new construction and existing structures, we offer a variety of options that best match your needs

Commercial Roof Coatings

Domino Roofing offers high-quality commercial roof coatings that extend the life of your building’s roof. We are an experienced team of technicians trained in applying multiple types of coating systems and customizing them for your specific needs. Our crew is dedicated to providing reliable service, superior craftsmanship, and unbeatable customer care from start to finish. We take great pride in our work and guarantee lasting results no matter the size or scope of your project.

The Types of Commercial Roofs We Install

Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

Built-up roofs (BUR) are designed for commercial property owners looking for a reliable and durable roofing solution. Made of alternating layers of bitumen and reinforcing fabric, BURs provide excellent protection from the elements and deliver long-term performance at an affordable price. They also require minimal maintenance compared to other types of roofing systems, ensuring that commercial property owners can enjoy maximum value over time. Furthermore, built-up roofs are energy efficient which translates into lower heating and cooling costs as well as reduced carbon emissions.

Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofs provide superior weatherproofing and insulation properties for commercial property owners. The spray application process creates an effective membrane, meaning fewer seams and greater water resistance than traditional roof membranes. Spray foam roofs also reduce energy loss by up to 40% with their high R-value, lowering your monthly utility expenses. Additionally, they are extremely durable—lasting over 30 years with minimal maintenance required!

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen roofing is an excellent choice for commercial properties because it offers superior waterproofing and durability. It consists of a vinyl or rubber membrane that is heat-sealed onto the roof, creating a continuous layer of protection from moisture. Modified bitumen roofs also provide superior resistance to ultraviolet radiation and extreme temperatures, ensuring your property’s roof will stay strong for years to come. On top of all that, modified bitumen roofs are relatively low maintenance and easy to repair if any damage does occur!

EPDM Roofing

EPDM roofs are highly durable, water-resistant, and energy-efficient roofing solutions for commercial property owners. These roofs are constructed from ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber that is designed to last longer than traditional roofing materials and can withstand extreme temperatures with minimal temperature variations. With its excellent weather resistance, easy installation process and low maintenance costs, EPDM roofs remain a popular choice among commercial property owners looking for an economical solution when it comes to the protection of their building.

TPO Roofing

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roofs are an increasingly popular option for commercial property owners looking to reduce their energy costs. TPO roofs offer superior UV and chemical resistance compared to other single-ply membranes, while also providing excellent heat reflectivity that helps keep buildings cooler in hot climates. Additionally, these durable roofs can be installed quickly with minimal disruption, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for long lasting weather protection.

PVC Roofing

PVC roofs offer commercial property owners a durable, maintenance-free solution for their roofing needs. This type of roof is lightweight yet strong and offers superior protection from water leakage as well as wind damage. Furthermore, PVC roofs resist degradation from heat and UV light which ensures that the material color does not fade over time. Additionally, these roofs are relatively easy to install when compared to other types of roofing materials such as tile or metal. The combination of durability and low maintenance costs make PVC an attractive option for commercial property owners seeking long term value in their roofing investment.

Recently Completed Commercial Projects

Take a look at some of the recent work that we’ve completed on nearby Bentonville businesses and multifamily properties:

Commercial Projects We Work On

From commercial buildings to multifamily apartment complexes, we provide commercial services to a wide variety of clients. This includes:

  • Multifamily Properties
  • Churches
  • Apartments
  • Hotels/Motels
  • And more!

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Domino Roofing in Bentonville is the contractor you can trust for all of your roofing needs. We focus on providing honest and transparent services to ensure that you have peace of mind, knowing that our modern processes will provide high quality workmanship. From repair or replacement to installation, we are proud to offer unbeatable service. Schedule an inspection with us today and get started on your path towards a better roof!