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2024 Home Trends: Rogers Residents are Loving These 3 Colors for Their Siding This Year


Are you wanting to install new siding on your home in Rogers and are wondering if it’s the right time? The weather in Rogers can be harsh and ranges from hot summers and heavy winds to  tornadoes and hail storms. Siding plays an important role in protecting your home against the Rogers climate and also maintaining your home’s curb appeal.

 So, what are the most popular siding colors in Rogers that can take your home to the next level? 


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Rogers Siding: Best Home Colors in 2024

Before choosing a new siding color, you should consider your aesthetic goals, the local climate, and the surrounding landscape and architecture around your neighborhood. The Rogers area has a subtropical climate and experiences warm summers. You can often find architecture that features craftsmanship and southwestern-style homes with earthy colors. Below, we’ve compiled several of the best siding colors that residents in Rogers love. 

Neutral Tones: Inviting & Elegant

Neutral tones, such as beige, sand, taupe, and grey, are a popular group of siding colors for homes in Rogers. These hues will complement a variety of styles, aesthetics, and architecture. In addition, these siding colors help add a classic, elegant, and welcoming feel to your home. If you’re looking for the perfect minimalistic siding color that will harmonize well with the landscape in Rogers, then neutral tones are the perfect siding choice for you. 

Classic White: Clean & Crisp

It’s no surprise that classic white siding is a favorite in Rogers. Classic white siding is a timeless and versatile siding color that will add a crisp and clean feel to your home year-round. This siding color is often found in traditional or colonial-style homes but can complement a variety of other aesthetics and architectural styles. You can’t go wrong with the classics! 

Earthy Tones: Charming & Traditional

If you’re looking to add a traditional and charming vibe to your home, then natural, earthy tones are the perfect color group for you. Reds and browns are warm and inviting and work well with the surrounding arid landscape in Rogers. Plus, you can brighten these tones up to be more eye-catching contrast or tone them down to be more muted and natural.


popular siding colors, best siding colors


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